A crucial aspect of ECS involves decorative walls. Over the years, as the business has expanded, our primary challenge has been sourcing Cork Oak slabs for our wall décor. Given our expertise in restoration, particularly carpentry, we began milling wood and collaborating with local landowners.

Every ECS slab that becomes available is showcased on Instagram alongside its SKU. Kindly fill out the order form with the corresponding SKUs, and you will receive an email containing an offer based on the current spot price of the wood, valid for 24 hours.

kiln-dried ecological wood

Revitalise your space with ECS’s premium selection of ecologically sourced reclaimed, kiln-dried wood—a testament to the perfect synergy of sustainability and craftsmanship.

Our timber business not only helps generate profits but also supports local landowners who are losing trees due to drought, desertification, and pests. At ECS, we take pride in offering an exceptional range of locally harvested and kiln-dried timber.

We offer traditional kiln-dried (6m) and also vacuum kiln (3m) drying for exceptional peace.

Central to our mission is environmental sustainability. Our reclaimed wood is predominantly sourced from dead trees due to pests and drought, often by our own hands to ensure careful extraction. We also buy selected hardwoods from demolished structures. The vast majority of this wood does not qualify for our use as it was treated with very toxic chemicals in the past.

We excel in crafting with unique woods that add character and distinction to any project:

Cork Oak (Alcornoque, Quercus suber): a hidden gem in carpentry. While not commonly utilised, we pride ourselves on being among the select few sawmills in Europe to specialise in this exquisite wood. Its enduring beauty and exceptional hardness make it a favoured choice for elegant flooring, exquisite veneers, and artisanal furniture. Though it demands precision and finesse to work with, the results are nothing short of breathtaking.

Each ECS slab available is posted on Instagram with an SKU. Please complete the order form with the relevant SKUs and you will receive an email with an offer based on the wood spot price valid for 24 hours.