Diathonite, Clay and Lime SPRAY Application Training Course

Course Overview:
This five-day residential program (can also be done on the client site) is fully customisable and very hands-on, with the application of ~1000kg of material. It is a physically demanding course designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to apply Diathonite effectively, with a focus on creating a spray team that can hit the ground running and apply in excess of 120 bags per day.

This course is designed around 2 to 4 man spray teams. This course is run using Euromair Mixpro, Jetpro and other types of airless sprayers.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the properties and benefits of Diathonite as a thermal and acoustic insulation material.
    – Familiarize participants with the different types of Diathonite and their specific applications.
  • Familiarize participants with the different types of Lime, Clay and other compatible materials including Decork.
    – Learn the proper techniques for preparing surfaces and substrates prior to Diathonite application.
    – Acquire the skills to apply Diathonite to different surfaces and create even smooth Diathonite applications for polishing or the application of lime and clay with a much higher material efficiency.
    – Gain proficiency in troubleshooting common issues that may arise during the application process.
    – Develop an understanding of safety measures and best practices to ensure a secure and efficient application.
    – Hands on practice with polishing Diathonite and applying clay to Diathonite for finer finishes, this includes Decork and other types of lime finishes.
    – Explore case studies and real-world examples showcasing successful Diathonite applications and failure.

Course Outline:
Day 1 Morning classroom session (~4 hours)
– Introduction to Diathonite
– Understanding the properties and advantages of Diathonite
– Exploring the different types of Diathonite and their applications
– Introduction to Lime and Clay and their application

– Assessing and preparing surfaces for Diathonite application
– Identifying and addressing potential issues or obstacles
– Proper cleaning, priming, and substrate evaluation techniques
– Preparation for application with a focus on flat smooth thick applications

– Post-Application Procedures
– Finishing techniques for a smooth and aesthetically pleasing surface
– Lime and clay finishing of Diathonite and other decorative options
– Sealing surfaces

– Understanding safety guidelines and precautions during the application
– Protective equipment and clothing recommendations
– Dealing with potential hazards and emergency situations

– Case studies and best practices
– Examining successful Diathonite applications in different construction projects
– Analysing real-world examples and lessons learned
– Sharing best practices for maximizing the benefits of Diathonite

Day 1: Afternoon session
– Practical introduction to preparation to make increase speed during the application process and how t create an efficient team.
– Practical introduction to machine setup, useful tools including power floats. Safety and cleaning.
– Material setup and handling for high performance teams.

Day 2:
Hands-on application training
– Application Techniques and introduction to different types of machines used
– Introduction to the tools and equipment used for application
– Step-by-step instructions for applying Diathonite
– Hands-on practice with different application
– Recognising and addressing common challenges during application to include machine blockages….
– Ensuring proper adhesion and avoiding application errors and how to apply different types of primers using sprayers.
– Quality control measures and techniques for assessing the applied Diathonite
– Proper equipment cleaning
– Safety review in the real world based on the day’s activities.

Day 3:
Another hands-on application training
– Application techniques practical, with a focus on developing workflows to increase efficiency
– Material termination, material timing, best use of team during different phases
– Revisit proper equipment cleaning to reinforce its importance with practical examples
– Safety review in the real world based on the day’s activities.

Day 4:
Another hands-on application training including lime, clay and Decork

  • Material termination, material timing practical where the applicators make the decisions and understand how to deal with dry/wet materials
    – Practical techniques used to create polished finishes
    – Proper equipment cleaning
    – Safety review in the real world based on the day’s activities.

Day 5:
Hands-on application training with a focus on termination and application of lime and clay
– Application and termination techniques with a focus different types of termination for lime and clay with an introduction to polishing Diathonite efficiently

  • Applying different types of sealing product and paints using different types of sprayers

Course duration and format:
The application course for spray teams is typically conducted over a period of five days, allowing for a balance of theoretical knowledge and practical application exercises. The course is delivered through a combination of lectures and practical sessions with interactive discussions. Participants will have ample opportunity to practice, ask questions and make mistakes whilst having their knowledge and skills tested by an experienced spray team instructor.

Target participants:
– Construction professionals

  • Course Benefits:
    By completing this training course, participants will:
    – Gain a comprehensive understanding of the mechanical application of Diathonite, Lime, Clay, Decork and many different types of sealers.
    – Enhance their problem-solving abilities when dealing with insulation-related challenges.
  • Become a highly efficient spray team.
  • Join a network of professionals willing to help each other excel.